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  As a team of dedicatd professionals,Siddhi Elasto Pvt. Ltd.exhibits all the qualities one aspires to gain the technological edge, versatility to make new associations, resilience to challenge assumption, strength to take risks and the tenacity to build on ideas to better them.

With a strong belief that results comes not solely by skill, but by design and development, Siddhi Elasto Pvt. Ltd. aims to deliver quality rubber polymers, parts and products thet are effective yet economical.

Working towards gaining the leading edge in technology is a state-of-art Manufacturing Unit located at Goregaon,Mumbai and Warje,Pune.

Innovating and working to create a difference, siddhi Polmers is headed by Mr. Ravindra Barde, Qualified Rubber Technologist, with a DPRI (London) degree to his credit. His expertise, experience and enthusiasm are instrumental in setting new standards in customer satisfaction. The manufacturing operations of the company are audited & certified to ISO 9001-2000 standards by AQSR.

Starting off locally to the Automobile Industries today Siddhi Elasto Pvt. Ltd. has spread its roots to the Pharmaceutical Industries, Engineering Industries and Home Appliances Industries
Siddhi Polymers have widened their vision and are proud to be the suppliers of quality rubber ancillaries to respective applications Globally Constantly and continually building on ideas to better them & to look at things in new ways is their fiercely dedicated R&D team.

A state-of-art Tool Room has produced 1000's of moulds to meet the ever-growing need of the customers.

An up to-date Library helps in enhancing the knowledge of the latest innovations and developing new technologies that are safe and nature friendly.

A well-equipped modern Laboratory has a complete set of testing equipments, which help to produce the produce the product as per customer's requirements.

The rubber compounds made provide optimal solutions to suit applications based on customer's equipment & processing facilities. At Siddhi Elasto Pvt. Ltd. the Customer is their driving force, who is reciprocated with apt after sales support.

With high ideals Siddhi Elasto Pvt. Ltd.is definitely racing towards success.
Radiator Hose
Composite Moulds
'O' Rings
Mask Rebreathing
Love Joy Coupling
Extruded Profiles
Coocker Gasket
Dust Seals
Vaccum Formed Packs